5 Rams That Could Be On Their Way Out Of St. Louis Before Free Agency

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Wide Receiver Austin Pettis

If this move doesn’t come before free agency and the draft, it will more than likely come afterward. Pettis has been a solid receiver for the Rams, but they may have just found his replacement in Stedman Bailey in last year’s draft. Bailey showed a lot of potential to be the same type of wide receiver that Pettis is, if not a little better. One this going against Pettis is that he is one of the few members left from the past regime and Bailey is from the current one. Pettis doesn’t save the team a lot of money in fact he only saves them only just over $700k and would give the team just over $200k in dead money next offseason. The Rams are looking to upgrade at the wide receiver position and there is just no way Pettis has a legitimate future on this team.