NFL Scouting Combine Notable Workout Results: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers


Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron throws the ball during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday at the NFL Scouting Combine, it was the quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers show casing their talents. We got to see speed, speed, and more speed in a pretty deep group of players. Here are the results of the top players at their position as well as the best and worst results.

Full Results

Top Results


40-Yard Dash

VT Logan Thomas- 4.61(best)

A&M Johnny Manziel- 4.68(4th)

Fres St. Derek Carr- 4.69(5th)

Clem Tajh Boyd- 4.84(7th)

UCF Blake Bortles- 4.93(9th)

ALA A.J. McCarron- 4.94(10th)

Cornell Jeff Matthews- 5.26(worst)

LOU Teddy Bridgewater- DNP

LSU Zach Mettenberger- DNP

UG Arron Murray- DNP

Vertical Jump(inches)

VT Logan Thomas- 35.5(best)

Fres St. Derek Carr- 34.5(2nd)

UCF Blake Bortles- 32.5(4th)

A&M Johnny Manziel-  31.5(5th)

Clem Tajh Boyd- 30.5(6th)

LOU Teddy Bridgewater- 30(7th)

ALA A.J. McCarron- 28(10th)

NC Bryn Renner- 25.5(worst)

LSU Zach Mettenberger- DNP

UG Arron Murray- DNP

Broad Jump(inches)

VT Logan Thomas- 118(best)

UCF Blake Bortles- 115(3rd)

LOU Teddy Bridgewater- 113(4th)

A&M Johnny Manziel- 113(4th)

Fres St. Derek Carr- 110(6th)

Clem Tajh Boyd- 106(9th)

ALA A.J. McCarron- 99(worst)

LSU Zach Mettenberger- DNP

UG Arron Murray- DNP

3-Cone Drill

NorIll Jordan Lynch- 6.55(best)

A&M Johnny Manziel- 6.75(2nd)

UCF Blake Bortles- 7.08(6th)

LOU Teddy Bridgewater-7.17(8th)

ALA A.J. McCarron- 7.18(9th)

Clem Tajh Boyd- 7.33(12th)

SJSt David Fales- 7.55(worst)

Fres St. Derek Carr- DNP

LSU Zach Mettenberger- DNP

UG Arron Murray- DNP

20-Yard Shuffle

A&M Johnny Manziel- 4.03(best)

LOU Teddy Bridgewater-4.2(3rd)

Fres St. Derek Carr- 4.2(3rd)

UCF Blake Bortles- 4.21(4th)

Clem Tajh Boyd- 4.23(5th)

ALA A.J. McCarron- 4.34(10th)

LSU Zach Mettenberger- DNP

UG Arron Murray- DNP

*Blake Bortles impressed the most in the throwing drills as he was one of the top quarterbacks who actually decided to throw at the combine. Tajh Boyd and A.J. McCarron also participated while Bridgewater, Carr, and Manziel sat out.

Running Backs

40-Yard Dash

Ken St Dri Archer- 4.26(Best)

WAS Bishop Sankey- 4.49(7th)

AUB Tre Mason- 4.50(8th)

ORE De’Anthony Thomas- 4.50(8th)

OSU Carlos Hyde- 4.66(16th)

LSU Jeremy Hill- 4.66(16th)

ARI Ka’Deem Carey- 4.70(18th)

LSU J.C. Copeland- 4.95(worst)

Bench Press

GSU Jerick McKinnon- 32(best)

WAS Bishop Sankey- 26(2nd)

LSU Jeremy Hill- 20(5th)

OSU Carlos Hyde- 19(6th)

ARI Ka’Deem Carey- 19(6th)

AUB Tre Mason- DNP

ORE De’Anthony Thomas- 8(worst)

Vertical Jump(inches)

BAY Lache SeaStrunk- 41.5(best)

AUB Tre Mason- 38.5(3rd)

WAS Bishop Sankey- 35.5 (9th)

OSU Carlos Hyde- 34.5(11th)

ARI Ka’Deem Carey-32.5(14th)

ORE De’Anthony Thomas-32(15th)

LSU Jeremy Hill- 29(18th)

LSU J.C. Copeland- 28.5(worst)

Broad Jump(inches)

BAY Lache SeaStrunk-134(best)

AUB Tre Mason- 126(4th)

WAS Bishop Sankey- 126(4th)

ORE De’Anthony Thomas-124(6th)

ARI Ka’Deem Carey- 115(15th)

OSU Carlos Hyde- 114(16th)

LSU Jeremy Hill- 113(17th)

COL St Capri Bibbs- 106(worst)

West Ken Antonio Andrews- 106(worst)

Wide Receivers

40-Yard Dash

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 4.33(best)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 4.43(5th)

Clem Sammy Watkins- 4.43(5th)

SCAR- Bruce Ellington- 4.45(7th)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 4.46(8th)

USC Marqise Lee- 4.52(13th)

A&M Mike Evans- 4.53(14th)

Fres St. Davonte Adams- 4.56(16th)

RUT- Brandon Coleman- 4.56(16th)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- 4.60(18th)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 4.61(19th)

LSU Jarvis Landry- 4.77(worst)

Bench Press

IND Cody Latimer- 23(best)

RUT- Brandon Coleman- 21(2nd)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 21(2nd)

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 16(6th)

Clem Sammy Watkins- 16(6th)

SCAR Bruce Ellington- 15(7th)

Fres St. Davonte Adams- 14(8th)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 13(9th)

A&M Mike Evans- 12(10th)

LSU Jarvis Landry- 12(10th)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 7(14th)

WIS Jared Abbrederis- 4(worst)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- DNP

USC Marqise Lee- DNP

Vertical Jump(inches)

BAY Tevin Reese- 41(best)

Fres St. Davonte Adams- 39.5(3rd)

SCAR Bruce Ellington- 39.5(3rd)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- 39(4th)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 38.5(5th)

USC Marqise Lee- 38(6th)

A&M Mike Evans- 37(8th)

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 36(10th)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 35.5(11th)

Clem Sammy Watkins- 34(14th)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 32.5(17th)

RUT Brandon Coleman- 32.5(17th)

LSU Jarvis Landry- 28.5(22nd)

BYU Cody Hoffman- 27.5(worst)

Broad Jump(inches)

MISS Donte Moncrief- 132(best)

USC Marqise Lee- 127(2nd)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- 127(2nd)

Clem Sammy Watkins- 126(3rd)

Fres St. Davonte Adams- 123(6th)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 122(7th)

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 120(9th)

SCAR Bruce Ellington- 120(9th)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 120(9th)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 119(10th)

LSU Jarvis Landry- 110(16th)

BYU Cody Hoffman- 108(worst)

A&M Mike Evans- DNP

RUT Brandon Coleman- DNP

3-Cone Drill

LOU Damian Copeland- 6.53(best)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 6.69(4th)

SCAR Bruce Ellington- 6.69(4th)

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 6.76(7th)

Fres St. Davonte Adams- 6.82(10th)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 6.95 (14th)

Clem Sammy Watkins- 6.95(14th)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- 7.00(15th)

A&M Mike Evans- 7.08(19th)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 7.33(worst)

RUT Brandon Coleman- 7.33(worst)

USC Marqise Lee- DNP

LSU Jarvis Landry- DNP

20-Yard Shuffle

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 3.81(best)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 3.94(3rd)

SCAR Bruce Ellington- 3.95(4th)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- 4.00(6th)

USC Marqise Lee- 4.01(7th)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 4.18(12th)

A&M Mike Evans- 4.26(18th)

Fres St. Davonte Adams- 4.30(20th)

Clem Sammy Watkins- 4.34(23rd)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 4.39(25th)

RUT Brandon Coleman- 4.51(worst)

LSU Jarvis Landry- DNP

60-Yard Shuffle

ORE St. Brandin Cooks- 10.72(best)

LSU Odell Beckham Jr- 10.93(3rd)

SCAR Bruce Ellington- 11.12(4th)

Penn St. Allen Robinson- 11.36(6th)

A&M Mike Evans- 11.58(13th)

VAN Jordan Matthews- 11.84(18th)

FLA St. Kelvin Benjamin- 12.08(worst)

Clem Sammy Watkins- DNP

USC Marqise Lee- DNP

Fres St. Davonte Adams- DNP

LSU Jarvis Landry- DNP

RUT Brandon Coleman- DNP

It was an exciting day at the NFL Combine on Sunday and today will be just as exciting as the defensive Line and linebackers, featuring Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack, will be out show casing their talent. Today will be a big one for the Rams if Clowney or Mack perform big, a team may see them and want to trade up which would be good for the Rams.