NFL Scouting Combine Notable Workout Results: Defensive Line and Linebackers


Feb 24, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Missouri Tigers Michael Sam rue the 40 yard dash during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s combine workouts featured some of the best players in the draft in both Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack as both the defensive linemen and linebackers showcased their skills. Here are the results of the top players at their position as well as the best and worst results.

Full Results

Top Performers

Defensive Line

40-Yard Dash

SCAR Jadeveon Clowney- 4.53(best)

Pitt Aaron Donald- 4.68(5th)

Mizzou Michael Sam- 4.91(16th)

Mizzou Kony Ealy- 4.92(17th)

Minn Ra’Shede Hageman- 5.02(22nd)

Fla St. Timmy Jernigan- 5.06(24th)

ND Louis Nix III- 5.42(35th)

Ark St. Ryan Carrethers- 5.47(slowest)

ND Stephon Tuitt- DNP

AUB Dee Ford- DNP

Bench Press

Bos Col Kaleb Ramsey- 36(best)

Pitt Aaron Donald- 35(2nd)

Minn Ra’Shede Hageman- 32(3rd)

ND Stephon Tuitt- 31(4th)

Fla St. Timmy Jernigan- 27(7th)

Mizzou Kony Ealy- 22(12th)

SCAR Jadeveon Clowney- 21(13th)

Mizzou Michael Sam- 17(17th)

UCLA Cassius Marsh- 14(worst)

AUB Dee Ford-  DNP

ND Louis Nix III- DNP

Vertical Jump(inches)

Shep Howard Jones- 40.5(best)

SCAR Jadeveon Clowney- 37.5(2nd)

Minn Ra’Shede Hageman- 35.5(6th)

Pitt Aaron Donald- 32(11th)

Mizzou Kony Ealy- 31(13th)

Fla St. Timmy Jernigan- 29.5(15th)

Mizzou Michael Sam- 25.5(22nd)

ND Louis Nix III- 25.5(22nd)

Tenn Daniel McCullers- 20.5(worst)

ND Stephon Tuitt- DNP

AUB Dee Ford- DNP

Broad Jump(inches)

NC Kareem Martin- 129(best)

SCAR Jadeveon Clowney- 124(2nd)

Pitt Aaron Donald- 116(7th)

Mizzou Michael Sam- 114(9th)

Mizzou Kony Ealy- 114(9th)

Minn Ra’Shede Hageman- 114(9th)

Fla St. Timmy Jernigan- 102(18th)

ND Louis Nix III- 97(21st)

Ark St. Ryan Carrethers- 88(worst)

ND Stephon Tuitt- DNP

AUB Dee Ford- DNP

3-Cone Drill

Mizzou Kony Ealy- 6.83(best)

Pitt Aaron Donald- 7.11(4th)

SCAR Jadeveon Clowney- 7.27(10th)

Mizzou Michael Sam- 7.8(20th)

Minn Ra’Shede Hageman- 7.87(23rd)

ND Louis Nix III- 8.29(worst)

Fla St. Timmy Jernigan- DNP

ND Stephon Tuitt- DNP

AUB Dee Ford- DNP


40-Yard Dash

BOS Col Kevin Pierre-Louis- 4.51(best)

BUF Khalil Mack- 4.65(4th)

UCLA Anthony Barr- 4.66(5th)

WIS Chris Borland- 4.83(14th)

Ill Jonathan Brown- 5.03(worst)

ALA C.J Mosely- DNP

OSU Ryan Shazier- DNP

Bench Press

Mich St. Max Bullough- 30(best)

WIS Chris Borland- 27(3rd)

OSU Ryan Shazier- 25(5th)

BUF Khalil Mack- 23(7th)

UCLA Anthony Barr- 15(worst)

ALA C.J Mosely- DNP

Vertical Jump(inches)

OSU Ryan Shazier- 42(best)

BUF Khalil Mack- 40(2nd)

ALA C.J Mosely- 35(9th)

UCLA Anthony Barr- 34.5(10th)

WIS Chris Borland- 31(16th)

USC Devon Kennard- 30(worst)

Broad Jump(inches)

OSU Ryan Shazier- 130(best)

BUF Khalil Mack- 128(2nd)

UCLA Anthony Barr- 119(6th)

ALA C.J Mosely- 118(7th)

WIS Chris Borland- 114(11th)

Conn Yawin Smallwood- 108(worst)

3-Cone Drill

So. Dak Tyler Starr-6.64(best)

UCLA Anthony Barr- 6.82(3rd)

OSU Ryan Shazier- 6.91(5th)

BUF Khalil Mack- 7.08(10th)

WIS Chris Borland- 7.18(13th)

ALA C.J Mosely- 7.30(18th)

Ill Jonathan Brown- 7.77(worst)

Those are the results from Monday, all day today will be the defensive backs showing off their talent to the NFL scouts on the final day of the combine. Top players performing will be Oklahoma States Justin Gilbert, Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard, and Alabama’s Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix.