Rams New Uniform Possibility


Just recently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were added to the list of teams that got a new logo as well as a new uniform design.

It is a commonality in Rams Nation, that fans want new uniforms. Ever since the classic blue and yellow uniforms were taken away after the 1999 Super Bowl winning season, fans have wanted them back.

The blue and gold just haven’t worked out and at times have looked atrocious, not to mention Bleacher Report did a countdown last april called The Worst Uniform in the History of Every NFL Franchise and the blue and gold uniforms was the choice for the Rams.

Because of this, fans are filled with joy every year when the Rams do wear the classic throwback uniforms. Uniforms are an important aspect for the fans and last year Rams CEO Kevin Demoff commented on the situation saying that a uniform re-design could be coming within the next five years and discussed the possibilities,

"“I like our current throwbacks. I like our current uniform. They all have a meaning in time. We’ve talked about long-term doing a uniform re-design, looking back at the throwbacks we’re using now, or the blue-and-white, or a different hybrid. Or maybe something new and completely different.”"

Designer Jesse Alkire added his take on NFL uniforms and Rams fans would probably be happy if Nike used him as a consultant when the Rams get their new uniform design.



Here’s what Alkire had to say about the Rams uniform design:

"A modified version of what many fans would say was their best look, navy adds a modern twist to one of the NFL’s most classic uniform sets.A bold custom number type with a strong base and hard edges, reminiscent of the mountains that a ram would call home.Solid-color socks and navy shoes gives this traditional uniform a slick, modern feel."

The more modern version of the classic blue and yellow look is nice and using the yellow as the primary color on the home uniforms and blue as the secondary is unique and an interesting touch.

The Rams have only been to the playoffs four times since the uniform change in 2000, a uniform change to go along with a playmaker on offense may be just what the Rams need to get back to the promised land.

Like the uniform? Don’t like the uniform? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.