St. Louis Rams Still Waiting To Hear The Winner Of The Kenny Britt Sweepstakes


Dec 30, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) runs after a reception against Jacksonville Jaguars corner back Aaron Ross (31) during the second half at LP Field. Mandatory credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, the St. Louis Rams made their first moves of the 2014 free agency period, signing one-time Florida St. defensive back, Greg Reid, and former Ohio St. linebacker, Etienne Sabino. However, neither was on a roster last season, both plagued by injuries and other “red flags” in their respective senior seasons. So, technically, the St. Louis Rams have still yet to sign any player that was on the active roster for a team last season; but, that could all be changing soon.

Nearly a week ago, the Rams hosted Titans’ free agent Kenny Britt, a former 1st round wide receiver selected in 2009 by Jeff Fisher when he was still manning the helm in Tennessee. Plagued by inept quarterback play, inconsistent coaching, and, more recently, a lingering knee injury, Britt had fallen off the majority of team’s radars headed into the 2014 offseason. However, the potential-star still managed plenty of visits, including invites to New England, Washington, and, most recently, Buffalo. So, where has he decided to take his talents?

Since embarking on his East Coast tour, there has been little-to-no information linking Kenny Britt to any particular organization. Many had speculated that New England would be the top landing spot for the troubled star, after he reportedly “had a good time” in his visit to Tom Brady Land. Moreover, over the last couple of days, Britt had been responding to only Patriots’ fans on Twitter, something masters of social media had used this offseason, with some accuracy, to pinpoint landing spots for free agents prior to any official announcement. However, in this particular case, where there was smoke, there was no fire…

With New England out of the picture, it likely narrows his choices down to three organizations: St. Louis, Washington, and Buffalo. Of those remaining teams, the St. Louis Rams immediately stand out as the best situation for Britt. For starters, Britt was drafted in 2009 by Jeff Fisher back when he was still at the helm in Tennessee, and put together his best two seasons in the NFL within Fisher’s system. The Rams also have, arguably, the best offensive talent of those three teams, and certainly are the most “stable” franchise, in terms of the coaching staff and front office personnel. Lastly, St. Louis’ COO Kevin Demoff has a wonderful reputation as a contractual formulator, offering deals where players can actually earn their money through the full length of their contracts. Even for “show me” deals, the Rams reportedly have offered extremely “fair” contracts, heavily laced with incentives for games played and production on the field.

Kenny Britt has never been known for his decision-making off the field. However, as a five-year veteran in the league, you’d hope the he would “know a good thing when he sees it.” The St. Louis Rams are obviously the best choice for Kenny Britt to re-build his reputation in the NFL. Let’s hope he makes the right decision, and does it soon.