Johnny Hekker Suggests Rules For NFL Owners


January 23, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Rice punter Johnny Hekker of the St. Louis Rams (6) signals to the crowd during practice for the 2014 Pro Bowl at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Owners Meetings have been going on for the most part of the week and their have been a few new rule changes, one of which many of the players disagreed with. The two new rules that have been passed are that referees can now consult with the officiating department in New York during replay reviews. They also voted to ban “roll up” blocks to the side of a player’s leg.

The NFL is also going to raise the field goal posts five feet which should be a good thing for Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein aka “legatron” as well as penalize players for “slam-dunking” the ball over the goal posts as a touchdown celebration.

Many players such as Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, former Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, as well as Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, all were not fond of the new rule. The NFL is making sure the players know that the “F” in NFL, does not stand for fun, this is not the National Fun League.

With the new rule, the NFL is going another step towards player safety as to avoid any accidents in the future as well as to avoid any delays. Last season, Graham tilted the goal post slam-dunking after a touchdown and officials had to come out with a level to straighten the post.

Rams punter Johnny Hekker took to Twitter today to voice his opinion on some new rules that the NFL Owners should strongly consider.

Everybody loves fantasy football, and the NFL is a quarterback driven league. Giving the quarterback an extra three seconds should help your quarterback rack up points this fantasy season. The NFL makes life on the quarterback difficult enough as it is, Hekker might have something here. If the rule is broken and the the quarterback is touched, it results in a five yard penalty and an automatic first down for the offense. The defensive player may also have to pay a fine depending on the severity of the penalty.

The NFL is all about player safety and making sure their players don’t get hurt. The NFL’s most popular product is the quarterback, and giving them flag belts would surely avoid any injuries to the precious position. Giving the quarterbacks flag belts would keep the quarterback position injury free. Just remember that touching the quarterback or pulling too hard on the flag results in a hefty fine and a fifteen yard penalty.

Hekker is clearly with the NFL on player safety, so why not completely avoid those nasty career ending hits over the middle of the field with a fair catch. No longer will small receivers like Tavon Austin have to fear getting slaughtered in the middle of field. If the rule is broken, it will result in a fifteen yard penalty and defensive players will receive a two game suspension as well as a hefty fine.

Why mandatory high fives aren’t already a rule brings serious question to the NFL. What Hekker may be forgetting is that NFL secretly stands for the No Fun League, so this rule change may be a bit far fetched.

Once again Hekker is going after player safety. Although the game would take a quality hit, the game is all about the players and their safety isn’t it? Plus, it would be pretty hilarious watching the players try and play in this much padding.

The Rams punter has a joking personality which is translated into the Twitter world from time to time. #GoRams

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