Report: Rams Like Their Chances to Land Kenny Britt


Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The wide receiver position has been widely discussed by fans of the St. Louis Rams throughout the entire offseason. While none of the free agent class has particularly thrilled the Ram faithful, and much of the focus has shifted to the upcoming NFL Draft. However, there is one player, Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans, and former player under coach Jeff Fisher, that the Rams feel “optimistic” about signing.

Rams general manager Les Snead, in an interview with ProFootballTalk, said Thursday that he feels the Rams have  a “better than 50 percent chance,” of signing the former Titans wideout. Rams coach Jeff Fisher also chimed in, adding:

"I will stand behind what [Les] said. We’ve been down here and pretty busy, but I’m hoping that sometime very soon we’ll get something done."

It seems apparent that Rams personnel feel there is still potential in the 2009 first-round pick, a player that has experienced countless on-and-off-the-field issues since 2010. Whether it is the numerous knee surgeries, his multiple arrests and citations for traffic violations, driving under the influence, or his role in a Nashville bar fight, the former Rutgers star has not shown he is mature enough to take his game to the next level in the NFL.

So what can Kenny Britt do for the Rams? If they are able to work out a contract, he can, under ideal circumstances, provide experience and (admittedly, to this point, unrealized) potential, as well as an element of explosiveness and downfield pass-catching ability the Rams have sorely lacked over the last few seasons. Will Britt ever be a star? Doubtful, but, on a short-term, team-friendly deal, he could help diversify the Rams offense and serve as an excellent placeholder while the younger receivers continue to mature.

What can the Rams do for Kenny Britt? It is well known that Britt had his best two seasons under Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. it is possible that Fisher can help Britt become a more mature player and person and realize some of the potential scouts saw during his final season in college. The Rams can provide Britt with a stage to prove he still has what it takes to succeed in the NFL. It is unlikely that many other teams would feature Britt as heavily in their offense as would the Rams, should they make the signing.

As for now, it is still unknown where Britt will decide to go. Right now, we must simply hope that, if the Rams bring him aboard, it is a low-risk contract. The potential has always been there with Kenny Britt. If everything comes together for him, the Rams could steal one of the biggest free agents of this year’s class. But for now, all we can do is sit back, and as Kenny Britt himself said on Twitter, “wait on it.”