Four Possible Trade Partners For The Rams At The Number Two Overall Pick


Mar 26, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher speaks during a press conference at the NFL Annual Meetings. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The draft is inching closer and closer and believe it or not, the big day is just more than a month away. The Rams have voiced interest in trading out of the number two overall pick, and are just sitting back and waiting to see the interest of teams wanting to trade up.

Fisher had this to say about the possibility of trading away the number two pick as they did back in 2012,

"“(We have) not really had any discussion with anybody, but that doesn’t mean to say we won’t,” Fisher said. But I think it’s highly unlikely that even if we did trade out that would we get the value that we did the first time around.”"

Here are some teams that could make sense as potential trade partners with the Rams for the number two overall pick.

1. Atlanta Falcons(Sixth Overall)

The Atlanta Falcons make the most sense as a team that would trade up with the Rams especially if the Texans pass on South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. The Falcons need a pass rusher and Clowney just so happens to be the best one in the draft.

Thomas Demitroff and Les Snead have a connection with each other back in Atlanta which could make a trade between the two teams a possibility. Demitroff has also had a history moving up in drafts as he moved up in 2011 to draft Julio Jones.

Trading back to number six would still allow the Rams to draft one of the elite players in the draft such as offensive lineman Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews, as well as give them a slim chance at drafting Sammy Watkins.

2. Detroit Lions(10th Overall)

The Detroit Lions may be one of those under the radar teams when it comes to wanting to trade up. The Lions have voiced that they think Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins, and Watkins has voiced that he would like to go to Detroit.

Given that the Rams could be a team that takes Watkins, the Lions could be in the running to trade up with the Rams to take him. Trading back to 10 would give the Rams a chance to draft the best cornerback in the draft in Justin Gilbert or draft wide receiver Mike Evans. The Rams could still take Ha Ha Clinton-Dix at 13 overall.

The Lions may have to give up an arm, leg, hand, and foot to trade up to get Watkins, but you can only imagine Watkins and Calvin Johnson on the same team. This could be a situation in which the Rams could receive a future first round pick in the deal.

3. Cleveland Browns(Fourth Overall)

Trading back with the Browns at  four would make sense as the Browns are said to be interested in a quarterback, and given the fact that they could jump ahead of Jacksonville to get their guy, there is no doubt they would do it.

Trading back to four could still give the Rams their choice of Robinson or Matthews, and would give them a pretty good chance at drafting Watkins if they desire.

Buffalo Bills(Ninth Overall)

It has been rumored that the Houston Texans are willing to trade out of the number one pick and that the Buffalo Bills have emerged as a potential partner. If the Bills are willing to trade up to one, there is no doubt that they could  be interested in moving up to number two.

Given that the two teams did business in last year’s draft when the Rams moved up to get Tavon Austin, the Rams could return the favor in this years draft. The Bills could be looking to get Khalil Mack or Jadeveon Clowney to add to their up and coming defense.

This is another situation in which the Rams  could draft Justin Gilbert or wide receiver Mike Evans as well as possibly receive a future first round draft pick given how much of a move from nine to two is.

Verdict: Atlanta Falcons

As of right now, I believe a trade with the Atlanta Falcons makes the most sense for the Rams with the Cleveland Browns right behind them. As mentioned before, trading back to six, would still allow the Rams to draft one of the elite players while the Falcons would be able to receive their top pass rusher. Both teams leave this trade happy, which is what a trade is meant to do.

There is still a lot of time between now and the draft, and the Rams will certainly keep their ears open. However, don’t think trading out of the number two overall pick is the only option. If the Rams don’t get good value, or feel like they can’t get the player they want by trading back, they will certainly stay at number two. It will only be a matter of time before we find out.