Prospect Profiles: The Quarterbacks

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A.J. McCarron

Say what you want about A.J. McCarron, that he had a good defense, or that he was just a game manager, but you can’t deny that this guy can flat-out play and has the ability to one day be a starter in the NFL. All four of his college losses came against teams ranked in the top 15.

McCarron is 6’4, 214-lbs. Last season he threw for 3,063 yards, 28 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. He also had a 67.3% completion percentage.

This guy has all the intangibles, he is a leader, he holds his players accountable, and lead Alabama to two consecutive national titles, almost a third. This guy succeeded at the college level, and in the toughest conference nonetheless in the SEC.

Unlike a lot of college quarterbacks, McCarron is comfortable taking snaps under center or out of the gun. He has a good throwing motion, and has good accuracy in the short and intermediate routes.

His only downsides that people really criticize him for, aren’t really his fault. McCarron was surrounded by an NFL caliber offensive line and defense his entire college career, but he should translate to the NFL. One weakness however, is his accuracy on the deep ball. He can make the throw, but he really heaves the ball and makes his receiver make adjustments.

Verdict: Great Fit

McCarron may not be on the board in the fourth round, but if he is on the board when the Rams choose in the third round, they would definitely have to consider McCarron. McCarron would be a great fit for the Rams and if Bradford isn’t the answer, McCarron could be the guy.