Prospect Profiles: The Quarterbacks

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Aaron Murray

Murray is my favorite underrated quarterback that is coming out this year, and in the right situation, he can become a good quarterback. This is one of those guys that had he not torn his ACL and if he was four or five inches taller, he could be a first round prospect.

The 6’1, 208-lbs quarterback out of Georgia threw for 3,075 yards, 26 touchdowns, and nine interceptions last season with a 64.8% completion percentage.

According to Brian Baldinger of, Murray could be the best quarterback of the class.

"“I like Manziel, but I think he’s going to get hurt. I think Bridgewater is going to go to a bad team. I think he’s the best quarterback right now, but the question was, who is going to have the best career,” Baldinger said. “I just think a guy like Aaron is probably going to go to a team where they may not need a quarterback (immediately). Where he goes, there may be no pressure.”"

That description has Rams written all over it. In St. Louis Murray could just sit back, rehab his knee, and learn the game.

Murray is a leader who rises to challenges. If there was any doubt about that, take a look at what he did against two of the nation’s best defenses this season, he had victories over LSU and South Carolina.

Murray was  four-year starter in the SEC, therefore he’s played some decent opponents and has plenty of experience that could do him well at the NFL level. He set single-season school records in passing yards with 3,893 and TD  with 36. He also holds the Georgia record for most attempts with 1,478, completions with 921, passing yards with 13,166, and touchdowns with 121. 

He’s also a great leader and has all the intangibles that you could want in a starting quarterback. He has good accuracy in the short to intermediate routes as well.

As seen in the video, he is smaller which leads to some batted balls at the line of scrimmage. He also seems to get rattled by pressure, however he does have some mobility to escape that pressure.

Murray would be available anywhere in the fifth to seventh round which is right where the Rams should be looking to take a quarterback. If the Rams don’t have a quarterback by that time, Murray could be the way to go.

Verdict: Decent Fit

The Rams are looking for a quarterback that can develop behind Bradford and Hill and if they draft Murray, that’s exactly what they’d get. This guy can make the throws, a little developing and he could be a solid backup behind Bradford.