Four MLB Stars That Could Help the St. Louis Rams


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As we look back on a long month of March full of roster moves and speculation in the NFL, many sports fans will welcome the arrival of April, signifying the return of Major League Baseball. Could any of today’s MLB stars succeed playing in the NFL? No matter your opinion, it is clear that some are more qualified than others. Just for fun, in the spirit of spring, let’s take a look at four talented MLB players that could help the Rams roster right now:

1. Matt Holliday 

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We have to include the man who helped lead the Rams’ neighbors, the St. Louis Cardinals, to a National League Pennant last season. Holliday was a star quarterback in high school and was recruited to play for the Oklahoma State Cowboys before choosing to sign with the Colorado Rockies out of high school. Standing at 6’4″ tall and weighing 250 pounds, this six-time MLB All-star certainly would have the size and skill to make a run at playing quarterback in the NFL. After signing Shaun Hill, the Rams may not have an immediate spot on their roster, but Holliday would certainly be an interesting choice.

2. Giancarlo Stanton 

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This slugging outfielder for the Miami Marlins is simply a freakish athlete . He was a star wide receiver in high school and received scholarship offers from UCLA and UNLV, among others. This powerful right-hander led all of baseball with 15 “no-doubt” home runs last year, according to ESPN. Standing 6’5″ and frequently displaying above average leaping ability, Stanton could almost certainly make a career as a big wide receiver or tight end in the NFL. With the Rams long-lamented lack of success at the WR position, Stanton could bring size and toughness to St. Louis.

3. Andrew McCutchen

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Reigning National League MVP and Pittsburgh Pirates center-fielder Andrew McCutchen could undoubtedly play in the NFL. This speedy wide receiver was one of the top high school football recruits in Florida, a state known for a wealth of football talent. He was also part of a state championship relay team. McCutchen makes up for what he lacks in size with confidence and leadership, something the Rams sorely lack at the wide receiver position. Should this superstar have chosen a career in football, he would  have made a valuable addition to a team like the Rams.

4. Adam Jones

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The Baltimore Orioles’ Gold-Glove winning center-fielder did not even pick up a baseball bat until he was twelve years old. He was a star point guard and defensive back throughout high school, and only as he inched closer to college did he develop his baseball game. Watching the 6’3″ 225 pound outfielder play defense is a sight to behold. He glides through the outfield, taking great routes to every fly ball and accelerating to make excellent catches. With his experience as a defensive back, Adam Jones could make an excellent big, ball-hawking safety for the St. Louis Rams, a position at which the team has a severe need. 

Will any of these players ever play football again? Almost certainly not. But there is no harm in wondering “what if?” and attempting to predict how these MLB stars would fare in today’s hard-hitting NFL. It is, of course, pure speculation, and it is doubtful any of these players would actually succeed as members of the Rams. Baseball fans, submit your ideas in the comments! Which of your favorite players could make a name for themselves playing in the Edward Jones Dome?