St. Louis Rams Need To Make a Statement Against Minnesota Vikings


For the second consecutive year, the St. Louis Rams will start their season at home, this time, against the Minnesota Vikings. The Rams once again have one of the more difficult schedules in the NFL, therefore it is imminent that they get off to a good start against the Minnesota Vikings.

With predictions of the outcome of this game going 50-50, without quarterback Sam Bradford, the Rams are not the obvious favorite. However, with a difficult schedule and match ups against tough division opponents ahead, the Rams will need to come out and make a statement on Sunday.

Everybody has seemed to write the Rams off, including Vegas who dropped the line from 7.5 wins to 6.5, and the spread for the game against the Vikings dropped from 6.5 to 3.5. With the offense now being ran by Shaun Hill, nobody thinks that the Rams will be able to be any sort of threat.

With that being said, the Rams need to come out and make a statement Sunday against the Vikings. Yes, it is only the Minnesota Vikings who aren’t a playoff team by any measure, but coming out against all odds, protecting home field, and beating the Minnesota Vikings, would say a lot.

Defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday would show that this team isn’t just going to lay on their back and surrender the season away. Yes, the Rams lost their starting quarterback, and yes, every game is going to be an uphill battle, but if it’s any team that is able to do it, the Rams need to prove that they can.

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The schedule only gets tougher from this point on. The Rams must go to Tampa Bay to play a tough Buccaneers team before coming home to play the Dallas Cowboys. After the bye in week four, the Rams then go on a stretch in which they play eight consecutive playoff teams from 2013.

Coming out and making a statement against the Vikings and getting ahead in the win column early would be huge for this team. Starting off 1-0 with a win at home would go a long way with this team and the fans. Most importantly, it would give them a reason to believe.