St. Louis Rams Halftime Peptalk: Minnesota Vikings


We are halfway through the books at the Edward Jones Dome. Through the first half the St. Louis Rams trail the Minnesota Vikings 13-0. Here is our halftime pep talk and things to watch for in the second half

  • The Defense played very well in the first half. Now its time for the offense to step up and score some points. The Rams are one of two teams not to score in the first half.
  • The offensive line needs to open up run lanes. The Rams only have 34 yards rushing in the entire first half. That includes only 13 yards from Stacy and Cunningham. The offensive line needs to generate some push and gain control of the line of scrimmage.
  • Although the defense has played well, they need to help out the offense by generating a turnover or two. The offense didnt do them a favor by turning the ball over late in the half, but with the way the offense is playing, they need to step up and take control of the game.

MVP: Brian Quick

Quick has caught 70 of Shaun Hill‘s 81 passing yards in the first half. Finally after two long years of waiting, it looks like Quick has finally arrived in St. Louis. He did have a questionable no call and a questionable face mask penalty, but overall things have been good for Quick.

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LVP: The Offensive Line

Shaun Hill is not getting sufficient time to throw the ball, and the run lanes are basically nonexistent. The Rams offensive line needs to step up in the second half and gain control of the line of scrimmage.

Stat To Flip: 3.18

The Rams only have 3.18 yards per carry running the football, as an offense in which revolves around the run game, you need to be able to find more success and break some bigger runs.

What To Watch In Half Two

I expect the Rams to make it more of a focus to find success in the run game. They did try some different things with Tavon Austin in the backfield, but watch for Stacy to get going. I would also watch for the defense to really take over. For the most part they have shaken up the Vikings offense, hopefully that will create some opportunities in the second half.