Can Brian Quick Continue To Shine for the St. Louis Rams?


If it’s one player that has impressed this season for the St. Louis Rams, it has surprisingly been wide receiver Brian Quick. The bust label that was placed on him in years one and two, is slowly being removed.

Drafted in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams thought they got their future big target on the outside in Brian Quick. Through his first two seasons Quick had minimum snaps, and had not produced to say the least. Whenever his number was called upon, he was either in the wrong place,  simply couldn’t make the play, or both.

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For Quick, the consistency has always been lacking, he would have a good play here and a good play there, but then have a mental mistake just a few plays later that would leave you scratching your head.

Quick has always had the potential and physical stature to be a dominant player in the NFL, he just simply hadn’t been able to put it together consistently. This season is different.

Through two games Quick has 14 catches for 173 yards. To go back to him being consistent, Quick has put back to back games in which he had seven receptions for 50 or more yards. Because of this Quick has become the Rams’ number one receiver, who would have thought we would ever say that?

Coming out of Appalachian State,  he was going to be raw. In his first two seasons he had 29 receptions for 458 yards combined. If Quick continues at the rate he’s going, he will surpass that in week seven and finish the season with 112 receptions for 1,384 yards, making him the first Rams receiver to do this since Torry Holt.

Quick may not reach those numbers, but the infamous 700 yard and 1,000 yard receiver drought, could be in danger of finally coming to an end.

However, what’s to say Quick will keep this going? Quick has been known to lack consistency in his career, and we even saw flashes of the old Brian Quick last week against the Buccaneers when he had the big drop on the final drive.

The fact that we saw this Quick all training camp, saw flashes of it in the preseason, and he has put together back to back weeks, makes this time different from the past. The only thing you should be asking is, what could Brian Quick do with a decent quarterback?