Breaking News: St. Louis Rams Release Linebacker Ray Ray Armstrong


It might come as a big of a surprise, but according to 101ESPN, the St. Louis Rams released Ray Ray Armstrong earlier this morning. earlier this morning. Armstrong is a great athlete and had a nose for the football, but over the past two seasons the second year linebacker has been a problem with unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on special teams.

Armstrong has committed nine penalties of the sort and after he cpicked up a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct Sunday against Philadelphia, head coach Jeff Fisher drew a line that has been much needed. After the game Fisher said the next time those types of inexcusable penalties occur, that player would finish watching the game in the locker room.

“It just wasn’t working out, so we moved on. -Jeff Fisher”

Fisher took that statement a step further today by releasing the player who lead the Rams in special team tackles last season. This season has been a different story as Armstrong has more penalties than he does tackles. The Rams now are left with only four linebackers, but they will be working out guys throughout the week.

“It had been addressed with him numerous times and that penalty ultimately becomes my fault because when a guy is making mistakes over and over and he’s allowed to play, it becomes my fault. So we’re going to get someone else in there that understands things a little differently.

Although it is disappointing that a player with athleticism such as Armstrong couldn’t figure it out, but for the Rams this could mean that they are turning the corner as a team. Over the past three years the Rams have been atop the league in unsportsmanlike penalties and fans have wanted to see some sense of accountability. It only took three years, but for the first time, it seems as Fisher is finally starting to hold the players accountable.