St. Louis Rams Grade Report: The First Four Games

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Jeff Fisher

Same story different year. The Rams once again are among the league leaders in penalties and once again cost themselves with silly mistakes. He did cut Ray Ray Armstrong which might signal that he has turned the corner in that aspect, but Fisher still has a lot to prove this season. Like the mediocre Fisher, Im going to give him a mediocre grade.

Grade: C

Brian Schottenheimer

Working with a third string quarterback and still able to score over 28 points in back to back weeks is impressive. Id like to seem him give the ball to Stacy a little more and not run Tavon Austin up the middle, but for the most part, Schotty has actually been ok.

Grade: B

Gregg Williams

This defense has one sack, is the third worst at stopping the run, and has allowed 30 or more points in three games this season. The pass defense has improved but everything else has taken a step back. Williams has a lot to prove moving forward. Is this what we were really waiting for all this time?

Grade: D

Overall Coaching Grade: C