St. Louis Rams: Should Jeff Fisher Be On The Hot Seat?


The 2014 season has certainly been one to forget for the St. Louis Rams. At 1-4 through five games, the team is off to its worst start since 2010 when they started 0-6. Because this team has the talent, many have started to point the finger at Jeff Fisher.

Between 2007 and 2011, the St. Louis Rams won a total of 15 games, the worst five year record of any team in NFL history. When the Rams hired Jeff Fisher, they expected that all to change and expected to start winning again. In over two years with the team, Fisher’s Rams have won 15 games in 58 fewer games.

The Rams have actually been competitive with Fisher, he took a terrible team in his first year and went 7-8-1. Even at 1-4 and in a year that this team looks horrible, the Rams have lost three of their four games by only one score against three of the top teams in the NFC.

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However, as Rams fans, after three years of the sam story different day, we are tired of mediocre and just want to win, and unfortunately for Fisher, he may not be the man for the job anymore. In 18 years as a head coach, Fisher has only 6 winning seasons, made the playoffs six times, and only won his division three times.

“You don’t change what you’re doing. What we’re doing here is right.” – Jeff Fisher

According Adam Caplan of before the season started Jeff Fisher likely wouldnt need to post a winning record to keep his job in St. Louis this year. Sam Bradford conveniently tore his ACL for the second time in two years which is something that Fisher can use to keep his job.

But when does Fisher begin to be held accountable? Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeff Fisher and appreciate that he has turned this franchise around. We aren’t pathetic anymore, we are a step above that. Listening to the ESPN broadcast on Monday Night Football, you might think otherwise, but we have seen worse, a lot worse.

All I want to see is improvement, and since year one, I have not seen improvement in any phase of the game. This continues to be a team that shoots themselves in the foot with stupid plays/penalties week in and week out.

The Rams have a lot of high draft picks and several veterans paid at top-of-market prices, but its not translating on field. The talent there, the attitude is installed, but they need a much a better coach and better assistants to hit their peak. Fisher just isn’t that guy that is going to get this team over the edge and get back to winning.

Should Jeff Fisher be on the hot seat? Yes, he should, but is he? Probably not. With the Sam Bradford situation and the fact that the team has talent will be enough to keep Fisher around. At the end of the day, he probably has three to five more years before his job is legitimately on the line.