Three Players The St. Louis Rams Should Trade Before The NFL Trade Deadline

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The NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching, and come October 28th and for the St. Louis Rams it will most likely come and go without much noise. Unlike Major League Baseball, the NHL, or the NBA, the NFL trade deadline is normally pretty quiet.

In MLB we saw the Oakland A’s look to make a World Series run by trading away Yoenis Cespedes for pitcher Jon Lester and in the NHL the St. Louis Blues traded for goal tender Ryan Miller to try and sure up the goaltending and make a run at a Stanley Cup.

However, those types of big trades aren’t something that we typically see in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks did just trade away Percy Harvin however, and with some buzz around Vincent Jackson and Andre Johnson as potential trade block targets, most likely the NFL trade deadline will only include a few minor transactions.

With that said, it is still fun to speculate as the deadline approaches. Today, I take over for Les Snead  as general manager of the St. Louis Rams. Here are three players that I would consider trading before next week’s deadline.