Three Players The St. Louis Rams Should Trade Before The NFL Trade Deadline

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Big trades at the deadline aren’t something that you typically see at the NFL level and all these trades listed above are pretty big trades. Most likely the Rams will not make any trades at the deadline, but if they did these are just a few players that the they could consider trading away.

Kendall Lanford, Zac Stacy, and Tavon Austin have not produced at the level that many have expected, and instead of eventually getting nothing for them, they are players that the Rams could get some return on investment for.

Although these trades may seem unlikely, crazier things have happened, and Les Snead has showed in the past in the draft that he isn’t afraid to pull the trigger if the price is right. If Snead did get a call for one of these players, it is something that he would have to consider if the offer was good enough.  Be sure to come back tomorrow as I break down three players that the            St. Louis Rams should trade for.