St. Louis Rams Midseason Grades

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Jeff Fisher

Same story different year. After a slow start, the Rams have finally seemed to find their stride and have won two of their last three. Fisher still has a lot to prove this season with how he can get this group to mature and quit costing themselves with silly mistakes. Like the mediocre Fisher, Im going to give him a mediocre grade.

Grade: C

Brian Schottenheimer

Working with a third string quarterback and being able to help pull out wins against two NFC West teams is quite impressive. The play calling is still questionable at times, but given the cards Schottenheimer has been dealt, he has done an ok job.

Grade: C

Gregg Williams

This defense has finally started to find itself and it only took half the season. We finally saw the defense we anticipated to see at the beginning of 2014. However, Williams has a lot to prove moving forward into the second half, he’s not completely off the hook just yet

Grade: C

Overall Coaching Grade: C