Updated 2015 NFL Draft Order and Top St. Louis Rams Needs


With the heartbreaking loss against the San Diego Chargers, the St. Louis Rams are most likely out of playoff contention. Although they aren’t mathematically out of the race, it would take a miracle, maybe even two, in order for them to make the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

With that said, its about that time we started looking ahead to the 2015 NFL Draft. A lot can happen between now and week 17, but if the season ended today, here’s what the draft order would look like.

Draft Order

1. Jaguars(1-10)

2. Raiders(1-10)

3. Buccaneers(2-9)

4. Titans(2-9)

5. Jets(2-9)

6. Redskins(3-8)

7. Giants(3-8)

8. Panthers(3-7-1)

9. Vikings(4-7)

10. Saints(4-7)

11. Rams(4-7)

12. Texans(5-6)

13. Bears(5-6)

14. Bills(6-5)

15. Dolphins(6-5)

As it sits right now the St. Louis Rams would be sitting right outside the top 10 at number 11, and unlike the last three years, the Rams only have one first round pick. Disappointing, I know.

Top 3 Needs

The Rams are right there when it comes to being a winning teams, a few more pieces and ability to close out teams and the Rams are 7-4 and not 4-7.  2015 will be a very important draft, because the Rams very well will be able to grab the missing pieces to becoming a very good football team.

1. Quarterback

The most obvious need right now is a quarterback. Many experts believe the Rams can go from mediocrity to contender with a stable quarterback that can stay on the field and stay healthy. Sam Bradford was supposed to be that guy, but in all honesty, it might be best for the Rams to move on from the once franchise quarterback.

Sitting at 11, mist likely Marcus Mariota is out of the question, unless the Rams were to trade up into the top three which is unlikely. However, Jameis Winston, Brett Hundley and Connor Cook are still very likely scenarios. It all will depend on if these guys declare for the draft as they aren’t seniors.

Many predict Winston to go in the top five, but with his off the field issues, it would not be surprising if he does drop and if he does he is your prototypical franchise quarterback that can make all the throws.

Connor Cook and Brett Hundley on the other hand are predicted to go somewhere in the mid to late first round. The Rams could very well trade back and still get one of these guys as well as rack up another pick or two later in the draft. Cook is your prototypical pocket passer while Hundley has the ability to make plays with his legs.

2. Offensive Line

The St. Louis Rams have given up 34 sacks this season which ranks second highest in the NFL. If the Rams are going to draft a franchise quarterback, they are going to have to protect him.

Jake Long is most likely done after tearing his ACL for a second consecutive season and even before the injury, he was no where near the stud left tackle that fans were used to seeing.

A couple of options for the Rams at offensive line in the first round would be Brandon Scherff, Cedric Ogbuehi, and La’el Collins. The Rams drafted their left tackle of the future last season in Greg Robinson, but adding another top lineman to solidify the offensive line, would make a huge difference.

3. Safety

The St. Louis Rams will not be able to take the next step on defense without a free safety who can hold their own. Too many times this season Rodney McLeod has blown a coverage and although they did trade for Mark Barron, Im not sure how he is much different than T.J. McDonald.

Landon Collins and Gerod Holliman would be the Rams best bet at safety. Collins has the ability to become a top NFL safety and Holliman who NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks said looks like a young Ed Reed.

Give the Rams another safety beside McDonald who can hold their own in coverage and this defense will without a doubt take this team to the next level.