5 Keys To Victory: St. Louis Rams Vs. New York Giants


Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

1.) Triple WR Odell Beckham

I’m not kidding. This kid is special. After missing the first four games of the regular season, Beckham has taken the league by storm. He has amassed 71 receptions for 972 yards and nine touchdowns. QB Eli Manning wisely feeds him the ball regularly, targeting him 62 times during the past month. The second most targeted receiver on the roster over that span saw only 29 passes thrown their way. The Rams should have safety help over the top at all times, and a linebacker may also be needed to peel off in zone coverage to fill the middle of the field.

2.) Pressure Eli

There’s good Eli, and then there’s really bad Eli. In order for the latter to come out, he needs to be pressured. Manning becomes a turnover machine when his timing is thrown off, especially when the rush comes from the interior and pushes the pocket back. Look for DT Aaron Donald to have a big day against an injured and under performing offensive line. The defense had a down week against the Cardinals. They only tallied one sack despite blitzing throughout the game. The Rams need to

3.) Lean on RB Tre Mason

The Giants are weak against the run, as they allow a whopping 135 yards a game on the ground (30th in the league). The Rams would be wise to use Mason early and often to soften the defense before going through the air. He’s coming off of a down performance against the Cardinals and he’ll be looking to bounce back to his usual form.

4.) Utilize WR Tavon Austin in the run game

Screens, jet sweeps and reverses should all work well against the Giants. Austin has been far more effective on the ground than through the air for the offense. I have a feeling he will break one for long yardage in this one to set up a scoring opportunity. His West Virginia teammate Stedman Bailey is proving to be a far better traditional receiver at the NFL level. Austin is still a great weapon, but he cannot be used as a typical receiver with much success.

5.) Protect QB Shaun Hill

The Giants pass rush has caught fire recently. They totaled seven, eight and seven sacks their past three games. Considering how effective the Cardinals were at getting after Hill and disrupting the offense last week, New York will watch that film and attempt the replicate the results. The offensive line needs to buck up and keep their quarterback upright.

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