St. Louis Rams 2015 Opponents Set


The 2014 season came to a conclusion on Sunday with the St. Louis Rams finishing 6-10 and last place in the NFC West. With all the standings set, the opponents for the 2015 season are in place. For the Rams they will play the last place team in the NFC South and NFC East as well as the AFC and NFC North divisions.  Here is what their home and away schedule looks like


Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers


Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Washington Redskins

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

The Rams will play the Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, and Minnesota Vikings once again in 2015 only this time they will get the Bucs in St. Louis and Minnesota on the road.

The Rams and Buccaneers have played each other the last three years with the Rams winning all three meetings.As for the Redskins, the two teams have played five times in the past six years with the Rams winning four of the meetings, including the last two. Lastly, the Rams and Vikings have played each other twice in the last three years, with the Rams coming on the losing end both times. Unlike the Bucs and Redskins, the Rams haven’t had good luck against the Vikings.

As for the rest of the schedule, the Rams play seven current playoff teams, but other than maybe the Green Bay Packers on the road, the schedule doesn’t look too daunting. The Rams will be looking to make a playoff push in 2015 and as of right now, it looks like they might have a favorable schedule to do so.

There is still a lot of time between now and the 2015 season and a lot is going to change, but as of right now, the Rams look to have good chances going into next year. We’ll know more as to when the dates of these games are as the season approaches.