Jeff Fisher: ” I’m Not Anticipating Any Changes On The Coaching Staff “


Black Monday has come and gone John Harbaugh is out of San Francisco, Mike Smith is out of Atlanta, Rex Ryan is out of New York, and Marc Trestman is out of Chicaco. That’s not even to mention the Jagaurs fired their offensive coordinator. However, Jeff Fisher, Brian Schottenheimer, and Gregg Williams are still in St. Louis.

Although not many expected head coach Jeff Fisher or defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to be fired, many would have liked to see changes at the offensive coordinator position and Brian Schottenheimer. With the grumblings on the offense and Jared Cook saying multiple times that the Rams were “out-coached”, seeing Schottenheimer gone would not have been surprising.

However, in his last press conference of the year, Fisher was quoted saying when discussing his thoughts on the offensive coordinator, “Well first off, I’m not anticipating any changes on the coaching staff and I think Brian is an outstanding play caller. He’s very organized. He’s an excellent teacher. You can’t put the record on his shoulders. That’d be very, very unfair.”

From a fans perspective that is a very frustrating statement to hear from the Rams head coach. The Rams offense once again ranked near the bottom of the league at 28th as they only put up 314.7 yards per game this season. Thats not to mention ranking 23rd in pass offense, 20th running the football, and 21st in points scored.

“I’m not anticipating any changes on the coaching staff” -Jeff Fisher

Last season the Rams offense ranked 30th in the NFL, 27th in pass, 19th running the football, and 21st in points scored. You could say Schottenheimer has had difficulties concerning the quarterback situation, but even with Bradford in 2012, the Rams offense still ranked in the bottom ten in the league.

Multiple times this season the Rams offense let down a defense that had been playing very, very well. The last two games against NFC West opponents the Rams only managed to score 12 points in eight quarters of football. That’s not even to go into the play calls especially the play calling with the chance to win the game against San Diego.

You can put blame on the quarterback and the offensive line, but the fact of the matter is, this offense has shown no improvement in the last three years despite more play makers than this team had in the last ten years. Schottenheimer still hasn’t figured out a way to get the ball into Tavon Austin’s hands, and even when he did this season, team’s began to sniff it out and put a stop to it.

The offense is simple, its predictable, it’s vanilla, and it needs a change.

However, while some may be frustrated with Fisher’s comments, as it is hard not to be. It doesn’t mean that a change won’t be made. Last season Fisher didnt expect a change to be made to the coaching staff despite Tim Walton’s poor performance. The Rams fired Walton on January 29th and had hired Williams within a week. So the Rams may not have announced a change as of right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.