Brian Schottenheimer Could Go To Georgia


It is the end of the college football season aside from the National Championship game between Oregon and Ohio State. With that said college programs are looking for possible coaching candidates and Brian Schottenheimer is one of those possible candidates.

According to Dawg Post, Kurt Roper, Brian Schottenheimer and Randy Sanders are all serious candidates for the vacant quarterbacks/offensive coordinator job for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Last week Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was reported saying that he’s “not anticipating any changes on the coaching staff” and “I think Brian is an outstanding play caller. He’s very organized. He’s an excellent teacher. You can’t put the record on his shoulders. That’d be very, very unfair.”

Last season the Rams offense ranked 30th in the NFL, 27th in pass, 19th running the football, and 21st in points scored.

Schottenheimer has been the NFL for some time, but met with Alabama for their offensive coordinator opening after Jim McElwain left for Colorado State in 2012.

The Rams offensive coordinator has also interviewed for head coaching positions in the past at Vanderbilt.

Schottenheimer has received mixed reviews in St. Louis and certainly the majority of fans want him out. While a college offensive coordinator job may not be as appealing as one in the NFL, the fact that he is a candidate is a good sign for those that want him to leave.