St. Louis Rams Offseason Priority List

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Another NFL season is over, and for the 11th straight year, the St. Louis Rams did not make the post season.

But how can they make it happen next year? This team is closer than some are led to believe, but there is still a lot that the Rams have to do.

The 2015 offseason is without a doubt a crucial one for the Rams. There is no question that the Rams are a team that is on the verge of competing. If they can make the right moves, they can take that next step, but if they don’t, it could be yet another 7-9 or 8-8 year.

The Rams have news they need to fulfill, but some are more important than others. There are needs that Les Snead must fill if he wants this team to take the next step. With free agency fast approaching, and the NFL Draft right around the corner, here is a look at the St. Louis Rams priority list.

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