Week 2 Power Rankings; Rams making leaps and bounds


The first of many weekly power rankings were released this week across the internet. Most outlets pegged the St. Louis Rams in the bottom third of the league, but a solid Week 1 showing against the Seattle Seahawks allowed for a nice rise in stock. Check out the wide array of rankings. [realted-category]

ESPN.com: Ranked 14th

ESPN noted the super aggressive pass rush in St. Louis and the six sack total they racked up against Seattle as part of the reason why they saw an eight spot jump in rankings. They aren’t going crazy over this win though, citing Russell Wilson’s poor record against the Rams at home as nothing more than pedestrian. Wilson is 1-3 in St. Louis, 35-10 everywhere else. Division Rivals: Seattle (3), Arizona (6), San Francisco (19).

Elliot Harrison, NFL.com: Ranked 12th

Again, another big jump. This time the Rams gained eight spots. Elliot notes the solid defense once again, and gives praise to Aaron Donald for a big game. However, he also notes too many recent campaigns that fell well short of expectations that kept this team from gaining even more ground in the rankings. Division Rivals: Seattle (3), Arizona (5), San Francisco (21).

Mike Chiari, Bleacher Report: Ranked 11th

Nick Foles was 7 of 8 for 175 yards and one touchdown on passing plays of 15+ yards down field on Sunday. That’s good. The Rams land in the middle of the pack once again, but even more surprising is where the rest of the division lands. Division Rivals: Seattle (7), Arizona (5), San Francisco (19).

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk: Ranked 13th

Flora doesn’t go into the win, but notes the almost 21,000 empty seats at the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. While the win was certainly well deserved and celebrated, the empty seats are concerning. A team on the brink of relocation needs every reason they can muster to keep the Rams in St. Louis. Division Rivals: Seattle (9), Arizona (8), San Francisco (17).

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Ranked 15th

Just a small jump here, four spots, from the previous CBS ranking, but a jump nonetheless. Again, the defense takes the cake followed up by some positive things from Nick Foles. Simple and straight forward. Division Rivals: Seattle (10), Arizona (4), San Francisco (21).

Dan Schneier, FOX Sports: Ranked 9th

Fox Sports awards St. louis their highest ranking of the day landing in the top ten. We’re thrilled, but not quite sure the Rams are ready to be included in such thin air at the top of the heap. But the defense has once again outplayed the predictions and Foles offers up more in the offense than any previous quarterback has in recent years. Division Rivals: Seattle (6), Arizona (5), San Francisco (15).