Los Angeles Rams’ Stedman Bailey Making NFL Comeback


It wasn’t that long ago that Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was fighting for his life in a hospital. Two days before Thanksgiving, Bailey was shot in the head not once, but twice, and somehow lived to tell the tale.

Since the incident, doctors have told Bailey that they dont think he’ll be able to return to the NFL and after learning the details, head coach Jeff Fisher didnt find it to be likely. However, Bailey is hoping to prove all his doubters wrong. He calls it “Steddy Ambition”.

In the following video, Bailey, for really the first time, talks about the incident and everything that he’s doing to get back. He discusses his relationship with his three year old son, the seven hours surgery that he had to go through, and then what he’s had to do to get back to full strength since then.

The concern with Bailey making a comeback is the fact that it is such a physical sport and the problem that the NFL has with concussions already. Head injuries are serious in the NFL and the possibility that a player gets CTS after retiring is very possible. This is one concern, Bailey says, that doctors have.

Since joining the Rams, Bailey has 59 receptions for 843 yards and two touchdowns. Bailey had big catches last season in wins against the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals before being placed on IR. He was drafted in the 3rd round, 92nd overall by the Rams in 2013 along with teammate and friend Tavon Austin.

I’m sure I speak for all Rams fans and Rams Nation when I say that we wish Stedman Bailey the best of luck in his return and hope to see him in a Rams uniform and back on the field very soon! Give the video below a watch to see Bailey and his “Steddy Ambition”.