Los Angeles Rams collect more than 56,000 season ticket deposits


When the former St. Louis Rams got the news about a month ago that they were now going to be playing in Los Angeles, some fans were upset and happy for the return back to LA. With the Rams coming back to Los Angeles, one of the biggest questions faced with the return is, will more fans show up and support the team? 

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With over thousands of fans asking already about season tickets and how they can buy tickets, the Rams launched their new website and opened up a season ticket deposit for fans wanting to buy season tickets. A fan can put down a refundable $100 that will save up to eight seats for season tickets.

The LA Rams recently just closed the deposit and a final number has come for the amount of deposits they reached. According to Nick Wagoner via Twitter, about 56,000 people put down the deposit to hold a maximum of eight season tickets. A very outstanding number, but remember once the official prices come up for tickets, fans are able to back out and have their $100 returned.

As for myself, I was one of the 56,000 people, as I thought it was at least worth it to put my name down for season tickets. It will be interesting to see out of the 56,000 people who will actually end up with season tickets. Fans who do buy season tickets for the upcoming year will also have priority for season tickets in the 2019 season in the brand new stadium in Inglewood.

It’s also important to point out that the San Francisco 49ers recently got a new stadium and fans were very excited for the future. However with a horrible 2015 season, fans stop showing up to games, and the stadium was practically empty in the last game against the Rams.

Tons of fans will of course buy season tickets for the first season of the return of the Los Angeles Rams, but will fans continue to support the team if they continue to miss the playoffs like they did in St. Louis the past years?

Did you put down a deposit to see the Los Angeles Rams for the 2016 season? Comment below and talk about how much you are willing to put down on season tickets.