Should The Los Angeles Rams Use The Franchise Tag?


NFL free agency has officially started…well sort of. Teams are now permitted to use the franchise tag on any player headed to the free agent market until the window closes March 1 at 4PM ET. The salary of that player is either the average of the top five salaries for that player’s position from around the league or a 20% salary increase, whichever is higher.

The Los Angeles Rams have not used the franchise tag since using it on safety Oshiomogho Atogwe in 2009. However, the Rams have been able to give their top players long-term deals in the past. This year, is different as they have 12 players hitting the market with the big names being Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson.

It is key that the Rams keep one if not both of these players on their roster. If they are unable to do so, it will leave a big hole to fill as it would mean their top two defensive backs leaving the team. To avoid that, using the franchise tag is an actual possibility and something they could do.

As it stands right now a cornerback getting the franchise tag would command approximately $13.8-million. This is most likely a situation the Rams would like to avoid as neither Jenkins nor Johnson are worth that amount of money.Les Snead and Jeff Fisher would like to be able to bring both of these players in at around $8-$10-million, but if it meant guaranteeing that they keep at least one of their top corners, they could use it.

The Rams would obviously prefer to be able to sign these players to a long-term deal, but if negotiations go south, the franchise tag is a good back-up plan to have until a deal can get done. While using the franchise tag isn’t a good plan a, if it worst comes to worst, and it means keeping Jenkins or Johnson, they absolutely should use the franchise tag.