Head Coach Jeff Fisher sends letters to Los Angeles Rams fans


Just recently the Los Angeles Rams closed the opportunity for fans to put down a refundable deposit to secure season tickets for the upcoming season. As fans who made the deposit patiently wait to hear more information on prices and dates, Coach Jeff Fisher sent a little gift to every single fan who put down a deposit. 

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Which means over 56,000 fans got a little surprise in their email inbox Wednesday afternoon as the headline from the email read “A Letter From Coach Fisher” This letter was only sent out to fans who made the $100 deposit for season tickets, as Fisher wanted to let the fans know how the future is going to look like for the Los Angeles Rams a little early.

The Letter starts off with “We are tremendously proud to be writing our first letter to the great Los Angeles fans who have placed a season ticket deposit. There is a significant amount of work to be done in the next few months as we prepare to kickoff this fall at the Coliseum, but we wanted to take a moment from our offseason preparations to both thank you for your deposit and give you a preview of what the Los Angeles Rams offseason will look like”

Of course once this letter was sent out, fans took to social media to show off the letter as fans who did not make the deposit at least got to hear the upcoming news as well. The Letter continues in the next paragraph with “We will begin our offseason training on April 18, which will be the first time our team assembles as the Los Angeles Rams. We are still in the process of finalizing where our offseason workouts will take place, but we fully expect this will be the beginning of a season that sees us compete for the NFC West title.”

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It has been rumored that the Rams may be practicing at University of California, Riverside or could go back up to Oxnard where they did have a couple of joint practices with the Dallas Cowboys last season. The Letter would continue in the paragraph, “Last year, we had a NFC West division-best 4-2 record and are looking to build on that as we head into the 2016 season. Training camp will take place in late July in the greater Southern California region and will be free and open to the public. Once again the location and dates are finalized, we will be sure to let you know” 

There is a lot of great information in the letter to the Los Angeles Rams fans, as the head coach himself Jeff Fisher would close it out with a very powerful sentence. “We will make you proud of your Rams” Sincerely, Jeff Fisher

A lot more was said in the letter that was left out due to it being pretty long. If you want to read the whole letter from Jeff Fisher click here or read it underneath this sentence via twitter.