Top Five Chris Long Rams Moments

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1. Chris Long Finally Reaches The Endzone, Touchdown! 

Fun Fact: Chris Long has never reached the Endzone in his whole football career. He did not score a single touchdown in Pee Wee, High School or even in College, until one Sunday he faced the Colts. It was Week 10 in the 2013 season as the Rams were riding a three game losing streak and had to face the mighty Colts Offense. It would actually be a blow out as the Rams would dominate the whole game and beat the Colts 38-8, but it all started with a historic play.

12:23 left in the 1st Quarter, Robert Quinn would come on the edge and sack quarterback Andrew Luck which he would lose the ball and would land right in the hands of Chris Long. Long would return it 45 yards for the Touchdown as the Rams were up 6-0. His first ever touchdown celebration would be a salute.

After the game Long was happy and talked to the media about his historical night. 

"“[The ball will] probably go to Canton because I’m evidently the last NFL player to not have scored a touchdown,” Long said. “I looked around the locker room and asked guys, ‘Has anybody in here not scored a touchdown?’ I didn’t think I was the only one, and they were all like, ‘Yeah, I’ve scored, I’ve scored, I’ve scored.”"

We are going to miss you Chris Long.