Top Five James Laurinaitis Rams Moments

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2. Stopping Colin Kaepernick Short

When it comes to games against the San Francisco 49ers, the games are always going to be close as its one of the NFL’s best rivalries. When that rival is playing you for the first time in their new stadium the stakes are even higher.

The Rams and 49ers played their first game in Levi’s Stadium and it became as instant classic. Up 13-10 with little time remaining, the 49ers got greedy and instead of playing for overtime, they went for the win.

After failing to get in on two previous pass plays, Colin Kaepernick called his own number and went for the sneak. Everyone thought that he had scored, however, it was Laurinaitis who came out of the pile with the ball in his hands to finish the goal line stand and seal the victory.