49ers’ Decision on Colin Kaepernick Could Have Impact On The Rams


49ers general manager Trent Baalke spoke at the NFL Combine on Wednesday morning and was asked about the team’s quarterback situation. Much like the Rams, the 49ers quarterback position remains unclear. According to Baalke, Colin Kaepernick will be on the roster when his $11.9 million salary becomes guaranteed on April 1.

However, according to Rand Getin of ESPN, Kaepernick’s agent has requested permission from the 49ers to seek a trade.

This decision on whether or not the 49ers do in fact keep Kaepernick or a team gives up enough to acquire him, could have a huge impact on what the Rams are able to do at the quarterback position this offseason.

Kaepernick’s deal is basically a year to year team option contract which makes it very team friendly. If the team is looking to rid of their ex-franchise quarterback, it will be a lot easier to do so than one might think.

If Kaepernick stays in San Francisco it means one less team is in the market for a quarterback. The 49ers could still acquire a quarterback, but it wouldnt be in the first round of the draft or be a big name in free agency.

However, if Kaepernick is traded out of San Francisco, it could have huge implications on what the Rams are able to do. This could mean more competition for a quarterback when it comes to the NFL Draft.

Think about it. The Rams are in play for a quarterback and dont select until the 15th overall pick. Meanwhile teams like the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles all need quarterbacks.

With three top quarterbacks in Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, and Paxton Lynch, it is already possible that all three are gone by the time the Rams select at 15th overall, adding one more team to the mix certainly doesn’t help.

Kaepernick’s availability could also mean he is an option for the Rams, however, while it shouldnt be ruled out, it shouldnt be considered as something that is likely to happen.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how the Kaepernick saga plays out. The 49ers’ decision could have an impact on the Rams’ quarterback situation.