5 Takeaways From Les Snead Combine Press Conference

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2. Les Snead Still Believes In Brian Quick

"“We have high hopes. We spent a lot of time developing, but obviously he’s a free agent so he will gets to control a little bit of the decision. Yes, we would like to have Brian back, so we can complete the development. In Brian’s sake, and the guys who were watching him play last year, he was coming on. Again, it was a small set of games and he got a very devastating injury. Even the docs who did his surgery, they thought there was no way Brian would get back and even play this year. I think because of Brian’s toughness and his work, to rehab and get back, he got back on the field probably sooner than most people. But I still think he was far away, and this year was almost a wash for him, unfortunately. It will set him up for a chance to be good in the future.”"

It is uncertain whether or not the Rams are going to try and bring back Brian Quick, but by what Snead says, it sounds like they would like to have him back. For what it’s worth, Brian Quick has now had four years to develop and while there has been flashes, it hasn’t happened. The Rams shouldnt waste any more time on this and it’s time to move on, unfortunately that might not be the case.