5 Takeaways From Les Snead Combine Press Conference

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1. Rams Like What They Have in Sean Mannion

"” It’s interesting. We’ll just use Sean Mannion. I usually call rookies freshman, so if you’re a sophomore, last year was your rookie year now you’re a sophomore and you didn’t play as much in your freshman year, especially with QB’s, you’re kind of a forgotten entity. All the new guys that we’re covering at the combine are the sexy new objects and they get talked about. But I guy like Sean Mannion is right now somewhere on this planet trying to get better. And he’s got a goal in mind to start in this league, and that’s what he’s doing while these guys are just getting started. You go back to what New England did with Tom Brady. There was a guy they drafted in the sixth round, and that’s an awesome pick obviously, but if you look at the history of what they did with him and the courage it took to play him when they played him, especially in the first Super Bowl they won. I think the No. 1 thing is you kind of have to look and say, we like this human being and we’re going to have the courage to stick him in there and see what occurs after that.”"

The Rams drafted Sean Mannion in the third round last year for a reason. Whether or not that was a good selection has yet to be seen, but he is a player that a lot of fans forget about. Snead seems to really like Mannion especially from this quote which might suggest that he is the quarterback of the future for this franchise.