Los Angeles Rams “Leaning Toward” Giving Trumaine Johnson Franchise Tag


The Los Angeles Rams have a big decision this offseason when it comes to the cornerback position. Will they bring back Trumaine Johnson or Janoris Jenkins, or will they spend the money to bring back both.

It looks like the Rams may have made their decision. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the team is leaning towards franchising Johnson due to the amount of outside interest in him.

By the looks of it, the Rams are valuing Johnson more than they are valuing Jenkins as the franchise tag is likely going to be worth around $14-million. They clearly see Johnson as their number one cornerback if they are willing to pay him like a number one cornerback.

Now comes the difficult part of trying to sign Jenkins to a long-term deal. Using the tag at least means the Rams will be able to bring back one of the two, but the team would without a doubt prefer to bring back both players.

The problem is, while the Rams see Johnson as their number one by giving him the franchise tag, they are viewing Jenkins as their number two while he views himself as a number one. It wouldnt be surprising if Jenkins now looks to test the open market to see what his value is then see if the Rams are willing to match it.

However, by the looks of it, the Rams are more interested in Johnson meaning that Jenkins could end up walking as it’s only going to take one cornerback needy team to pay Jenkins like top-5 NFL cornerback.

Either way this is going to be a situation to keep an eye on this offseason.