Los Angeles Rams Punter Johnny Hekker visits the Pokemon Headquarters


Some Los Angeles Rams players are enjoying the offseason so far, especially punter Johnny Hekker who returned back to his childhood by visiting the Pokemon Headquarters. 

Los Angeles Rams Punter Johnny Hekker has to be one of the fan favorites of this team as he is very active in charity, meeting fans and more importantly enjoying life. By the looks of it, Hekker is enjoying his time off from football and enjoying the little things in life. Monday Hekker returned back to his childhood when he visited a special headquarter.

Pokemon invited the Los Angeles Rams punter to their offices/headquarter today to give the Pro Bowler a tour of the place. Hekker returned the favor by giving Pokemon some love via social media as he expressed his childhood memories. Currently Pokemon is celebrating 20 years in the business, as it will always be a memory for anybody.

If you have no idea who those Pokemon are, where have you been the past 20 years? It can also be seen that Hekker is wearing a Pokemon t-shirt which looks to have all of the original 150 Pokemon. Pretty sweet. However that photo was just the beginning as Hekker got to his favorite part of the tour, the actual trading cards.

Besides being a fan of Pokemon, Hekker is always pretty good at this Punting thing. Johnny Hekker will be entering his 5th season with the Rams, as his first four years have been nothing but perfection. It’s never a good thing when fans are asking if a Punter can be a teams MVP by the end of the season.

Over the course of the four years, Hekker has an average of 34.2 Percent of his punts landing in the 20 yards. He has always punted for over 15,000 yards for the Rams, which is probably way to high in four years, but he’s pretty good at it.

Don’t forget he can always throw the ball. Hekker was a quarterback in High School and has thrown for 99 yards including a touchdown during his four years with the Rams. He’s a pretty interesting dude.

Anybody else remember the Pokemon days? If you want to follow Johnny Hekker throughout the offseason make sure to give him a follow on twitter, he loves talking with fellow Rams fans. Remember folks, Punters are people too.