Should The Los Angeles Rams Trade Up To The Number One Overall Pick?


This draft will be a big one for the Los Angeles Rams and could decide whether or not the team takes the next step or takes a step back next season. The team hasn’t done a lot in free agency, therefore, the draft is that much more important.

Robert Klemko of SI’s MMQB is reporting the Los Angeles Rams are among four teams including the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles “in play” to trade up for the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft:

"“At the moment, there are four teams in play to trade up to the No. 1 spot: Cleveland (as insurance against losing their preference of [Cal QB Jared Goff or North Dakota St. QB Carson Wentz, San Francisco (No. 7), Philadelphia (No. 13) and Los Angeles (No. 15). And I don’t believe it will take the “king’s ransom” Titans GM Jon Robinson says a team will have to give up to move to No. 1. (Robinson later clarified his remarks, saying he did not want to give the impression the Titans were unwilling to move down). My hunch is that the deal will land somewhere south of the legitimate king’s ransom Washington paid for the right to draft Robert Griffin III—basically, three first-rounders and a second-round pick.”"

By the looks of it, the Titans are looking to trade back, or at least are open to the possibility. Does this mean that they will trade out of it? Definitely not, but being open to it is a good start if the Rams wanted to move up.

One thing that the Titans do have going for them is that they found their franchise quarterback last season in Marcus Mariota. Trading down would still allow them to either get a good defensive player or a top receiver or offensive lineman.

Trading up would actually make a lot of sense for the Rams especially if they want to get their franchise quarterback. The Rams have assets to trade and they are in need of a quarterback. From 15 to one is a difference of 1,950 points according to the drafttek points chard.

Giving away a future first round pick as well as the two picks in the second round could be enough to get the Titans to want to trade back to 15. That would put the Rams’ points total to around 1,920 points.

That would mean however that the Rams dont get their two second round picks, but it would mean for them to get a chance to draft their franchise quarterback. If the Rams like Wentz, moving up to one would be worth it as it has been rumored that the Browns like Wentz at number two overall. In fact several mock drafts have him going second to the Browns.

Now, the points system is just a guideline and not something that teams necessarily follow. Just a few years ago the Washington Redskins paid three first round picks and two second round picks to move up from 6 to 2 with the Rams.

It should be obvious that Case Keenum is not the answer for the Rams, and while this quarterback class isn’t necessarily a great one, that doesn’t mean that the demand for a quarterback isn’t at an all-time high. In this particular draft there are just a few good ones, including Wentz who is considered the top guy.

The Rams aren’t going to go anywhere if they dont have a quarterback and this is an opportunity to get the top guy. While it would cost the Rams some draft picks, if Wentz turns out to be the real deal, it is something that could be the right thing to do in the long run.