Ex-Ram Jared Cook sure is one funny guy


Cook: I wanted a QB known for getting the job done

The Los Angeles Rams had to release some players during the off-season, and tight end Jared Cook was one of the few. Cook was the Rams tight end for the past three years, but he never was able to fully produce in St. Louis. The offense was patiently waiting for Cook to finally have a breakout year, but it was nowhere to be found. In 3 years in St. Louis, Cook recorded 1,786 receiving yards, with 481 yards in his final year.

Cook however has been known for his dropped passes. In the last two years, Cook has totaled 9  dropped passes with 5 of those coming near the red-zone. The Rams offense has been one of the worst, so dropping a touchdown pass is not going to help the cause. In the 3 seasons with the Rams, Cook has caught passes from quarterbacks Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Sean Mannion, Austin Davis, Shaun Hill, Kellen Clemens and of course Sam Bradford.

A couple of days ago, Cook would sign a new deal with the Green Bay Packers, as he was more excited than Aaron Rodgers. Cook would talk to the media about his new quarterback and would say some wonderful things about his old team.

"“I think I was more excited than he was, just to be able to play with somebody that’s so great at what he does, and somebody that’s proven,” Cook said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “It was more than the top priority I was looking for. It was imperative that I find a person that’s known for getting the job done, and is good at what they do. I think that he’s probably one of the best in the league at doing it, clearly.”"

Clearly Cook took a couple of swings at the Rams by saying Rodgers is the person that will get the job done. I’m guessing he was not so happy with the countless Rams quarterbacks who were under center the past couple of years. Cook also talked about his season with the Rams last year.

"“Last year was a rough year, man. It was just the luck of the draw. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. It’s just things didn’t pan out the way the organization had planned,” Cook said."

Jared Cook said he left the Rams because he wanted to find a true quarterback. First, Cook never had a choice if he wanted to leave or stay because he was cut. Cook never performed with the Rams, and would show that discomfort with quarterback Nick Foles as he joined Alex Marvez & Bill Polian on Late Hits. Cook went on to talk about how he was excited about last season with Nick Foles, but knew from the 3rd Preseason game that Foles and the Rams were going to be a horrible combination.

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Very interesting how a player who never really performed well, goes on to talk about how the team was falling apart since day one. Really shows how it was a good idea to get this guy out of the Rams organization. Good Luck in GB Cook.