Los Angeles Rams punter Johnny Hekker burns the Seattle Seahawks


The Rams and Seahawks rivalry is one of the most watched games in the NFL every season, and one player took no time to remind Seattle the Rams beat them twice last year

The 2016 NFL Season is slowly becoming in reach with the NFL Draft in sight, but Los Angeles Rams punter Johnny Hekker did not wait at all to tell the 12th man, they had the upper hand against them last season. It was a normal #ThrowBackThursday on twitter, as the National Football League tweeted a video of the Rams, Seahawks game where the special teams faked the Seattle team and scored a touchdown.

The play was perfectly called, as the Rams were up a touchdown, as Jeff Fisher reached into his bag of tricks and pulled it off. Rams punter Tavon Austin is dangerous returning punts and was the key part of the play. Austin went all the way to the left side of the field, where the whole Seattle teamed followed him. Austin would then fall down acting as if the ball went behind him, but the ball was actually on the right side of the field where Rams receiver Stedman Bailey returned it all the way for the touchdown. 

Then the Seattle Seahawks commented with their own tweet with the same exact play ran against the Bears. However the Seahawks did not return it back for the Touchdown. This is where the fun began. Rams punter Johnny Hekker retweeted the Seahawks tweet with the caption. “Nobody likes a copycat” But wait it gets better. The Seahawks commented back on Hekker’s remark with a video of the punter getting scared when a fellow Seahawk player ran up to him as if he was about to destroy him.

knowing Johnny Hekker, he was not going to back down without a fight, Hekker would close the twitter drama with a single sentence that would destroy the heart of the 12’s. Hekker would retweet the video of him about to fall down with the caption “So nice we had to beat them twice” Ouch. How was that burn Seahawks? The Rams twitter would then join the party with a video with the caption “Burn”

Another day the Rams own the Seahawks. Moral of this story, do not mess with Johnny Hekker.