2016 NFL Draft: Who Should The Los Angeles Rams Take With the First Overall Pick?

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Jared Goff

Before all of the Carson Wentz hype, there was Jared Goff, the consensus number one overall quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft. He’d be a perfect fit in LA as he grew up in California and went to the same school as Aaron Rogers.


  • Can make every throw
  • Good mobility, football, and poise in the pocket
  • Sells his play ­fakes well
  • Throws receivers open
  • Completed an impressive 43.8 percent of his deep throws.


  • Inconsistent as he loses focus at times which leads to poor accuracy and turnovers
  • Has good size, but body-type could lead to injuries in NFL
  • Didn’t play under center as he played in a spread offense
  • Fumbled the ball 24 times over the last three years and sacked 81 times

Goff has the prototypical look of an NFL quarterback about to be drafted number one overall. He has the size and arm strength to succeed and he’s smart meaning that picking up an NFL playbook should be no problem.

He does have some concerns with the fact that he didnt play in a pro-style offense and he turned the ball over an astronomical amount of times due to fumbling the football. That’s something that isn’t going to go over well in the Jeff Fisher camp.


Height: 6’4

Weight: 215

Hand Size: 9.125”

Velocity: 58(good)

Like Wentz, Goff has the prototypical size of an NFL quarterback. The hand size is certainly a concern and the fumbles could be because of that. Quarterbacks who have hands smaller than 9.125 inches have historically not panned out in the NFL, however, Goff could break that trend.

What They’re Saying

"“I wish somebody would start some rumor to get (Jared) Goff to fall in the draft. Let’s get that small-hand talk going! We would take him tomorrow. He’s the best quarterback in this draft and it’s not as close as the media is making it sound.” — NFC executive  While Goff is a little leaner in the lower body than teams might like, he has good size, an NFL arm, advanced pocket mobility and the field demeanor of a franchise quarterback. His accuracy and decision making will suffer from occasional lapses, but he displays the tools to become a good starting quarterback with time. -Lance Zierlein NFL.com Goff displays passing anticipation downfield, a resilient approach and coordinated feet in the pocket, which are always in sync with his body rhythm and allow him to reset his vision and find the open read. He clearly has room for improvement in several areas, but Goff is the type of quarterback who understands his deficiencies and what he needs to do in order to improve. And that’s why scouts are optimistic for his future. -Dane Brugler and Rob Rang -CBS Sports Goff has gotten better every year at Cal and his strengths should translate into NFL success. He manages the pocket, fires through progressions, and makes big plays under duress. He helped to turn around a subpar program while dealing with poor offensive line play, elevating the level of his teammates in one of the most difficult conferences in the nation. While he has his limitations, Goff has the tools to succeed as a starting quarterback in the NFL. -Pro Football Focus"

Film Study

Goff 1
Goff 1 /

To me, this is an Aaron Rogers, Russell Wilson-esque play. The play breaks down and Goff keeps the play alive with his feet and finds his receiver down field. The throw has the perfect amount of touch on it and Goff just drops it right in to his receiver.

Goff 2
Goff 2 /

Goff shows off his deep ball accuracy here as well as his ability to stand in the face of pressure and deliver the deep ball. The Cal quarterback threw a lot of deep balls and completes a good percentage of them.

Goff 3
Goff 3 /

While the first two plays are Goff showing off his deep ball accuracy, here Goff shows off his arm strength and placement. In the red zone, Goff delivers a strike through a tight window to only where his receiver is able to make the catch for the touchdown.

Goff 4
Goff 4 /

I have one more Goff play than I do Wentz, but this play also shows off Goff’s remarkable touch on his passes. The back shoulder fade has become a must have with today’s quarterback’s and Goff delivers one perfectly here.

Looking at the tape, there isn’t a lot not to like about Goff. Not to sway anybody’s opinion’s but watching both Wentz and Goff, I do like Went’s upside, but I love what Goff has right now and believe he can be a franchise quarterback.


Matt Ryan