Rams’ Les Snead Knew Nick Foles Wasn’t The Answer During Trade


It has turned out to be a trade that hasn’t worked out for either team. Before last year’s draft, the Los Angeles Rams swapped Sam Bradford for Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Foles and also got a second round pick in return.

While the Eagles were looking to upgrade from Nick Foles hoping the Bradford would work out, the Rams weren’t necessarily thinking that Foles was their guy at the time.

General manager Les Snead, was asked  during a recent podcast with Fox Sports’ Peter Schrader what the Rams were thinking with Foles. Snead seemed to give off a sense that the Rams knew Foles wasn’t the answer even before his miserable 2015 and that the other part of the deal, Philadelphia’s second-rounder, was ultimately the gift of the package.

"“It was very interesting at the combine that year. I was actually asked a question at the podium at the combine that year about Sam. Sam was set to make a lot of money that year, something like $13 million. We had gone through a tough two years with him. Two straight years of torn ACLs. The question was asked about cutting Bradford to save money, and I said deleting Sam Bradford is not the answer. So, you’re asked the question, and the soundbite goes viral.What was very interesting is that we had no intentions of getting rid of him. But after I made the comment, I had multiple teams come up and ask if we’d be willing to trade Sam. Those few teams kept calling and calling, so we talked about it internally. Eventually, we made the move. You very rarely see starting quarterbacks swapped.“We also knew grabbing that extra second round pick, whoever our quarterback was going to be last year might not work out, so it would be time to start looking again. We knew by getting that extra second round pick it would give us the ability to maneuver more in the next draft.”"

By the sound of it, Snead and the Rams never really thought that Foles was going to be the answer. However, this doesn’t really make sense given that they did give him a two year extension immediately after trading for him.

To say that the Rams didnt think that Foles would ever be the answer is ridiculous. They picked up a second round pick and dumped a lot of cap space in the process by getting rid of Bradford, but they wouldnt have extended Foles if they didnt think he had a chance to become their long-term quarterback.

This looks to be more of the Rams general manager trying to cover up his tracks than give insight on the deal. Luckily it worked out to be that the second round pick that the Rams did get from the Eagles was a key component in trading up to the number one overall pick to get Jared Goff.

The Rams have been given a second chance per se with Jared Goff. Things didnt work out with Foles and it’s likely he won’t be on the roster this season. Hopefully Goff becomes the franchise quarterback that they expect him to be.