Los Angeles Rams announce Sammy Watkins will wear No. 2 jersey for preseason

(Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams announced on Twitter that Sammy Watkins will wear No. 2 for his jersey during the preseason.

In what still is being discussed as one of the biggest surprises from last week, the Los Angeles Rams made a bold move by acquiring Sammy Watkins from the Buffalo Bills to provide Jared Goff with the dangerous deep threat he’s desperately been looking for. After finishing at the bottom of the league in 2016 by only averaging 14 points per game, the Rams’ offense received a major upgrade with the additions of key playmakers even before the trade for Watkins in Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.

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Since the trade was made on Friday, Los Angeles fans have been wondering what jersey number Watkins would end up selecting since the No. 14 he wore in Buffalo currently belongs to backup quarterback Sean Mannion. As for now, it looks like the new Rams receiver has at least decided on a number for the remainder of preseason, courtesy of the team’s Twitter page.

Keep in mind, Los Angeles made it clear the reveal for his official jersey number during the regular season is still to come, so one can only assume that Watkins is trying to convince Mannion to make a switch so the wideout can have the number he loves.

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Either way, no matter what jersey number Watkins ends up going with this year, the most important factor is he manages to stay healthy, and quickly develops the necessary chemistry with Goff to become the elite No. 1 wideout the Rams need him to be. And if that does in fact happen, this Los Angeles offense may actually be exciting to watch unlike last year.