5 reasons Jared Goff could become dark horse MVP candidate for Los Angeles Rams

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(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
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After an impressive performance against the Oakland Raiders in the preseason, could Jared Goff emerge as a dark horse MVP candidate for the Los Angeles Rams?

Even though it’s only preseason, the Los Angeles Rams have every reason in the world to be thrilled over how Jared Goff looked in the second preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. For a young quarterback facing plenty of pressure to succeed heading into his sophomore year, Goff was able to turn a lot of doubters into believers thanks to his strong performance in that game, which now brings up an interesting topic of discussion.

If everything goes according to plan for the Rams when it comes to Goff’s development, could the former No. 1 pick find himself in consideration as a dark-horse candidate for the MVP award? Sure, it sounds crazy to think about when considering all of the surprise hype surrounding this offense after just one game, but it’s certainly worth discussing when looking at a few key factors.

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Keep in mind there’s a reason why Los Angeles was willing to sacrifice a first-round pick from this year’s NFL Draft after being so high on Goff following a successful career at California, and the Rams seem to feel confident in him being the quarterback they’ve desperately been searching for. Just considering a quarterback who has yet to record a single win as a starter during the regular season as a dark-horse candidate for MVP sounds ridiculous, but let’s have some fun anyway by seeing how it could end up happening for Goff in 2017.