Rams and Chargers: The “Play of the Game” was not what you think

(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams were exposed once again against the LA Chargers.

Los Angeles Rams fans were exposed once again to the teams biggest problem.

No, not because they lost the game to the Los Angeles Chargers 21-19. Not even because the Chargers’ starting ground game featuring Melvin Gordon over-exposed the Rams second-string defensive box.

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The week prior, against the Oakland Raiders, it was rather obvious that the Rams missed Aaron Donald’s presence. I say “obvious” because the Rams played so well overall that weaknesses stood out. In Saturday’s loss to the Chargers, there was no such luck and many weaknesses stood, especially out early on.

However, with 8:06 left in that disastrous first quarter came the play of the game, in my humble opinion.

The combined efforts of Chargers defensive book-ends Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa created the day’s shiniest highlight. Bosa, working to improve his strip-sack capability this past off-season, successfully separated the ball from Jared Goff. Ingram then scooped it up to trot the 72-yard distance. The score was the second of three and gave the Chargers a 14-0 lead and momentum. Believe it or not, neither of these two players were the most spectacular part of this play.

The Rams’ greatest off-season achievement shows exactly why he’s so valuable.

So what was the play of the game? It was offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth streaking down the field in pursuit of a player he had no chance of catching.

Okay, “streaking” may be a bit of an exaggeration but the big guy certainly used all the afterburners at his personal disposal. I hope the team awarded him with a game ball afterwards. Heck, I hope he got his feet massaged by the unmentionable matador that let the bull in Goff’s front door.

Now that we know which player made the play of the game, let’s briefly examine why:

  • Because Whitworth is the consummate professional, period, but if you need more answers…
  • Because these days more and more players can’t simply run down and score, they have to be social media-worthy doing it. Whitworth is a smart NFL veteran that knows the occasional bonehead mistake is always out there wanting to seen as well.
  • Because he is not only a leader by words and wisdom but by example. His effort during the play is the kind coaches can’t wait to show in film rooms.

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There is some surprisingly good play going on in preseason by some of the younger Rams. Unfortunately, there is also some poorer effort being witnessed sporadically. Let’s hope that some of what Andrew Whitworth is made of is absorbed in more young minds by the regular season.