Rams Postcript: 3 areas of concern in Los Angeles

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It’s hard to know if Rams head coach Sean McVay got it right this preseason.

Let’s concede here and now every starting player for Los Angeles sits Thursday night in Green Bay when the Rams play the Packers. He’d be right to and I don’t question that.

But does one half of good play from his starters mean that they are ready to go?

In successive weeks, the first year head coach has gone on the record and said he’d get his running back Todd Gurley more work and wanted to see more consistency from his predetermined starter Jared Goff.

Can anyone say they saw that in the 2017 preseason?

Injuries are always the primary concern in a four game exhibition schedule. But the Los Angeles Rams seemed to have little margin for error in building up to the September 10 opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

All that said, it seems like whatever questions needed to get answered may not have been. Is Goff the QB we saw in Oakland, or the one against the Chargers?

Is 12 carries the launcher Todd Gurley needs to improve on a dismal 2016?

And what of Chemistry? It hasn’t shown much between Goff and newly acquired Sammy Watkins in game conditions.

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If McVay ends up having pushed all the right buttons, then he’s found his blueprint for the balance of his coaching career.

But one reminder of “sample size,” his is the smallest of them all.