Rams offense continues to keep Phillips’ defense in games

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Heading into the 2017 season, the conventional wisdom was that the Los Angeles Rams defense would have to do the heavy lifting for LA to win. Through three games, its the other way around in LA.

Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has his hands full with quite a mess. Yes, Aaron Donald made a big play to save LA’s bacon last night, but who among us wondered if 41 points would be enough for a win as we passed the two-minute warning?

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Especially against a team, the San Francisco 49ers, who hadn’t even scored an offensive touchdown in two NFL regular season games.

Enter a Rams defense who not just kept the Niners in the game, but made Brian Hoyer look pretty good despite the fact he’s only a placeholder until John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan decide otherwise.

My, how Hoyer must be wishing he could play Los Angeles 13 more times.

In Bizzaro World, Sean McVay has found a quarterback in Jared Goff to lead the best offense, and maybe the best team in the NFC West, to a 2-1 record heading to Dallas after the team’s upcoming bye week. The QB returned to his home turf and delivered another solid performance, going 22-of-28 for 292 yards and three touchdowns. He’d lead his team to a 15 point lead going into the fourth quarter.

Yet, watching the Rams on defense, you never felt safe. You never felt like the 15 point lead was ever going to be enough of a cushion.

Fact is, it nearly wasn’t.

Last night, you wondered how in the world the 49ers were both winless and hadn’t scored a touchdown.

But as the clock ticked closer to zero, you sensed a lack of confidence with the defense on the field versus Goff, Todd Gurley, and Sammy Watkins or anyone else on it.

Yes, the Rams OFFENSE is the best and most dependable part of this team as it’s currently constructed. On defense, LA is increasingly vulnerable. Last night, 41 points was nearly not enough to win a game.

At home or on the road, 41 points should.

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Going into the 2017 regular season, who would have thought Jared Goff and his offense would be the more stable and dependable part of this team than Aaron Donald and the Rams defense?

In Bizzaro World, that seems to be how it works.