Fantasy Football 2017: 5 Los Angeles Rams players to consider Week 5 against Seahawks

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5. Rams’ defense

That’s right, the defense of the Los Angeles Rams may turn out to be a valuable option when looking at how much Russell Wilson has struggled over the years on the road against his division rivals (1-4 record over the last five road games against Rams). The Seattle Seahawks may be coming off a big win against the Indianapolis Colts, but when looking at how much the offensive line has struggled at times throughout the season, expect the Rams’ defense to take full advantage.

Wilson has always been the type of quarterback that is best known for his ability to scramble when necessary, and after seeing Wade Phillips make the necessary adjustments at halftime against the Dallas Cowboys to keep Dak Prescott in check, expect the defensive coordinator to come up with a similar plan on Sunday. In a way, Wilson and Prescott are two very similar quarterbacks, so if Phillips was able to figure out a way in Week 4, chances are he’ll be able to do the same against Seattle.

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For whatever reason, Los Angeles over the years has played some of their best football against Seattle, and with the team off to a hotter start than usual, here’s to hoping that success continues in Week 5. Because if the Rams’ defense can have their way against the offensive line of the Seahawks, they could easily end up with a ton of fantasy points.