Rams play their worst game and almost win at the end

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Jared Goff
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Jared Goff /

After a five turnover day, the Los Angeles Rams still had a chance to win late against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Los Angeles Rams picked an awful day to play their worst offensive game in 2017. Five turnovers, including two interceptions by Jared Goff, put a fine point on a 16-10 underwhelming performance in the LA Coliseum. The loss gives the Rams a 1-1 record inside the division and a 3-2 record overall.

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Still, when looking at the numbers, Los Angeles lost a game they could have won, and almost did at the end. For those who had predicted a fall back to earth for the Rams, they were half right. Yes, Goff looked like a quarterback we’d seen shades of, and the curious lack of production from running back Todd Gurley and veteran receiver Sammy Watkins will leave some to wonder what McVay was thinking.

Even Greg Zuerlein missed yesterday.

But isn’t that the predictable nature of the NFL? Eventually, EVERYONE plays a real head scratcher, and yesterday, the Rams did just that.

Let’s be honest, Los Angeles played a bad game, but still had a chance to win it.
Seattle escaped, and the Rams let one get away.

LA is optimistically on the rise, and while yesterday was a reminder that the Seattle Seahawks are still at the top, the Rams also served a reminder that the clock is ticking.

At 3-2, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is still in front of this team. Hey, a total of 13 points separates the Rams from being 5-0.

But know this, the losses to the Washington Redskins and Seattle will pay dividends down the road.

Which is better than the Rams found themselves at this time last year.

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Hope springs eternal in LA.

And Seattle along with the NFC West knows that too.